Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Statement concerning HM2F's trip

Merhaba is a Belgian pluralistic organization and movement defending the interests of and providing support for LGBTQI from ethnic and cultural minorities in Belgium. For many years we've been fighting against any form of stigmatisation, discrimination and oppression on the basis of age, ethnic background, culture, social position, religion, gender or sexual orientation. In promoting diversity and social equality we work closely together with organizations of ethnic and cultural minorities.

The principles and vision of Merhaba's work is one of dialogue and openness. Merhaba always chooses the path of dialogue and reconciliation, but not at the expense of oppressed peoples. We've considered the different opinions concerning HM2F's journey to Israel and Palestine in the light of these principles.

Considering the situation we've decided that the disposition of HM2F is not corresponding with our way of working. Therefore we've decided to put off our collaboration with HM2F.

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