Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Statement Calem Brussels 2011


Merhaba organizes the international conference CALEM BRUSSELS 2011 on 10, 11 and 12 December 2011. The subject of the conference is ‘Femininity, masculinity, gender and sexual diversity: Islam as an inclusive culture, a spirituality of universal peace’.

CALEM was initiated by HM2F (citizens’ collective of homosexual Muslims in France), who organized the first CALEM conference in Paris with the support of The Inner Circle (2010). In 2011 they intensely contributed to the second edition. Due to recent developments HM2F disconnected themselves from the CALEM BRUSSELS 2011 conference and allows us to organize it.

This years conference will be realized by Merhaba with the support of The Inner Circle (South Africa) and in collaboration with Bedayaa (Egypt-Sudan), feminist and inclusive Muslims.

We can invite you to a long weekend of lectures, workshops and debates. On Saturday, the international conference will be held in the Brussels’ City Hall; Sunday is a full day of spiritual growth for queer muslims and on Monday we hold a colloquium for professionals.

We are happy to present more details about the program on our websites: http://merhabablog.blogspot.com, http://theinnercircle.orgayaa.za

To register and get the full program, please contact: communicatie.merhaba@gmail.com For information about CALEM 2011 conferences in other European cities, please contact CALEM: http://www.calem.eu

Merhaba, The Inner Circle & Bedayaa

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